Reloading 410 slugs, 113gr Foster Slugs

w/ UHMW polyethylene bases

WARNING: The information described on this page is for amusement only! Actually doing any of the following is dangerous to life and limb. The data on this page has NOT been tested in an instrumented test barrel and thus I have no real idea how much pressure the loads are producing. These loads could damage or destroy your firearm and possible even damage or kill yourself.


load construction

Load construction

I used 3 inch hulls the loads were both assembled the same way and used the following components

  • Hull: New 3 inch Fiocchi Hulls factory primed
  • Primer: Fiocchi
  • Powder: Herco
  • Wading: 1/2 stump for a gas seal
    • 1 - pre-lubed fiber wad
    • 3 - 1/8 over powder wad
  • Slug: 113gr foster slug w/ UHMW polyethylene base and wrapped with two wraps of heavy PTFE pipe seal tape
  • Finish with a roll crimp

10.5gr Herco, 5-shot group

22gr load

Load and Velocity Data

Load 1:
Charge: 10.5gr Herco
Velocity Data
Low Velocity: 1425fps
Hight Velocity: 1481fps
Average Velocity: 1458fps
Extreme Spreed: 56.33
Std. Deviation: 22.18

Muzzle Energy:  533.3ft-lbs

Group Size: 7.5 inch

12gr Herco, 5-shot group

24gr load

Load and Velocity Data

Load 2:
Charge: 12.0gr Herco
Velocity Data
Low Velocity: 1575fps
Hight Velocity: 1629fps
Average Velocity: 1597fps
Extreme Spreed: 54.27
Std. Deviation: 19.74

Muzzle Energy:  639.8ft-lbs

Group Size: 16.3 inch
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