Reloading 410 slugs: Data for Doug's Slugs
WARNING: The information described on this page is for amusement only! Actually doing any of the following is dangerous to life and limb. The data on this page has NOT been tested in an instrumented test barrel and thus I have no real idea how much pressure the loads are producing. These loads could damage or destroy your firearm and possible even damage or kill yourself.

Reloading Data for Doug's Slug

This set of data is from a few years ago when I acquired some slugs from a website called Doug's Slugs. The last time I checked he seemed to be out of business. His website is still up buy all attempt to correspond go unanswered. I figured I would publish the data here anyway since it might be useful even though those particular slugs are no longer available.

I never did get the accuracy very good the slugs were 0.375in in diameter and thus produce horrible groups. I tried several things to help improve the accuracy but never got something good before I ran out of the slugs.

The slug construction was the powder charge with a nitro over-powder card on top of that. A small amount of shot buffer to fill the case then another over-powder wad on top of the shot buffer and finally the slug and a roll crimp.

The slug had a weight of 116.9gr.
Load and Velocity data

Load 1
Charge: 10.0 gr IMR "Hi-Skor" 800-X
Velocity Data:
Low Velocity: 1532fps
Hight Velocity: 1559fps
Average Velocity: 1548fps
Extreme Spreed: 27.24
Std. Deviation: 11.00

Load 2
Charge: 11.0 gr IMR "Hi-Skor" 800-X
Velocity Data:
Low Velocity: 1607fps
Hight Velocity: 1668fps
Average Velocity: 1638fps
Extreme Spreed: 61.15
Std. Deviation: 21.84

Load 3
Charge: 12.0 gr IMR "Hi-Skor" 800-X
Velocity Data:
Low Velocity: 1722fps
Hight Velocity: 1764fps
Average Velocity: 1743fps
Extreme Spreed: 41.94
Std. Deviation: 15.00

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