Winchester Model 67 Refinish

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This is an old Winchester Model 67 single shot bolt action rifle that was in my grand father's closet out in his utility room. It was very neglected and had lots of rust and pitting on the metal parts. The few time I had shot it when I was a little kid the gun would key hole the bullets and since I had a 22 of my own my dad got me (a Ruger 10/22) I forgot about. Well after my grand father passed away a few years ago I end up with the little rifle. It was in bad shape, but I cleaned the bore very briskly with a brand new wire cleaning brush and grease up the action and tried it again. The rifle shot OK it no longer key holed the bullets and with low velocity round like CCI's CB longs or shorts it actually shot pretty good given the simple sights it has. It will never shoot a 3/8 inch groups at 100 yards but I have killed a heap of chipmunk with it.

I was so happy with the way it shot and carried in the woods, not to mention how quiet it was with CCI CB's, that I thought is deserved a face lift. Now I had never done this before and since I am a poor grad-student I didn't have the money to have it done professionally so I thought I would give it a try myself. I figured it does not have a tremendous collectors value give the model it was and that it was in very bad condition, on top of that it was my grand father's and I don't plan to part with it. It will be a great gun to teach a future daughter or son how to shoot safely.

So here's what I did. First I disassemble the gun nearly completely. The only things I did not remove were the sights from the barrel and the firing pin assembly that was remove from the bolt assembly. The sights were in very tight and since it was shooting so well I did not want to mess with driving these out of the dovetails. Other than that I remove the rest of the parts from the action/barrel assembly and removed all the hardware from the stock.

I used BIRCHWOOD CASEY's PERMA BLUE Liquid Gun Blue Kit to refinish all the steel parts. The bolt originally was all chrome but that had all rusted off so I shined up the bolt as much as I could with my dremel and blued the bolt handle and left the bolt itself naked polish steel. The barrel was heavily pitted and after much sanding I was able to remove much but not all of the pitting. To remove all of it I am afraid I would have to have sanded off so much metal that the proof marks and stamped letters would have be effected. The final finish was not as good as I had hoped but it will protect the metal and it looks better then it did before I try this.

For the wood I used some inexpensive finish remover to strip the stock down. It took two application of the stripper but it did a very good job removing all of the old finish. I purposely decided to not remove the dings and scratches. It seemed a bit over kill for such an old and neglected gun not to mention I would still be working on filling and sanding them. Those marks give it some character anyway. Once striped I sanded it working from 320 grit paper down to #2, #0 a final sanding of #0000 steel wool. For a finish I simply used boiled linseed oil. The first coat was thinned 50/50 with mineral spirits and then I applied six more coats of linseed oil rubbing it in good and then after it dried a quick polish with the #0000 steel wool between coats. I think the wood turned out very nice. It is very smooth and has a nice satin finish.

All in all the refinishing only cost me about $35 dollars for all the supplies I used. It took me about 10 day working on it almost everyday. I took two evening after school to dissasemble the gun and strip the stock. I spent most of a Satuday striping and reblueing the steel parts and then about 5 days after school putting on the coats of linseed oil and reassebling the parts. I would do it again if I had a chance, especially refinishing the stock that was fun and I was very happy with the results.

I hope to get to the range soon and make sure its still shooting good. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

Thank for looking

P.S. I took the gun to the range last night 4/23/02. It still shoots pretty good. I was able to shoot some 5 shot 1/2 inch groups at 50 ft. That pretty good for a barrel as old and shot out as this on is. It still shoots CCI CB rounds the best but it seems to shoot standard velocity rounds almost as well. It still scatters Stinger all over the place. Having taken the gun completely apart and put it back together it was very clean and thus operated very smooth. One minor problem is that now the action is clean and smooth it ejects the empty shell very nicely straight back at you face. Not a problem in the feild when you lower the gun from you shoulder but at the range with it on a bench it bounce about every other empty off your safety glasses :-). No problem. Overall I am very glad I refinished it. Know I just have to go show the chipmunks how nice it looks. :D
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