Noble Manufacturing Company Incoporated Side by Side shotgun
Front View
Back View
This is a Noble Manufacturing Company Incoporated Side by Side shotgun. Made in Spain. The gun is chambered in 12ga 2 3/4 inch chambers. It has a splinter forearm with extractors only. It has a two locks under the lump and a cross bolt. It has an automatic safety and double triggers. The stock is a Prince of Whale pistol grip.

A good friend of mine originally purchased this gun. The first time he took it out to shoot it I was with him and I fell in love with this gun. By the end of the first session of shooting it I told him I wanted first dibs on it if he ever decided to sell it. A few weeks later he found a Browning BSS and the Noble was generously sold to me at a very reasonable price.
proof marks
proof marks
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