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Shooting and Hunting Pages
Shotgunworld is probably one of the best Shotgun forums and sources of info on the web.
This Web Site is an attempt to link together a series of Web sites (plus other useful information) specifically for the Fourten shotgun (.410) user, collector and reloader.
Rimfirecentral is probably one of the best Rimfire forums and sources of info on the web.
HS2000 & SA-XD Talk
Great forum dedicated to the Springfield Armory XD handguns and the earlier models called the HS2000.
Crooked Creek Pistol League
A local Pistol Club that hosts IPSC pistol matches. A lot of fun to shoot.
Ballistics Charts
All the ammunition from all manufactures. All the ballistic data, finally, in one place. Forums
A great place to read and discuss practial shooting topics.
Ohioans for Concealed Carry
A Ohio base concealed carry group that promotes concealed carry and defend Ohians' rights to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.
A very very active forum focused on the AR-15, but also many other firearms related topics. Mostly military related.
Island Creek Sporting Clays
A great Sporting Clays course if you ever down in East Central Ohio. I highly recommend it. Sporting Clays is the golf of the shooting sport but a lot more fun than golf.
Assault Weapon Watch
Keep the United States Safe from Assault Weapon Violence
To funny!
Roleplaying Web sites
Wizard of the Coast D&D
yah I know it the big evil d20, but it what my group of friends are playing so I thought I would add it.
Big forum with lots of good gamers, almost to many. It tuff to keep up the coversation but good for information.
Dream Pod 9
Dream Pod 9 is the publisher of Heavy Gear tactical and RPG game. This is the game I would love to play but as yet to convince the rest of my friend that play RPG's to give it a try.
Uncle Figgy's Guides
Uncle Figgy's Guides, he has several very good guides for gamers and GM. Well worth a read if you're a Roleplayer, whether you've been playing for year or new to RPGs.

Odds and Ends and Blogs
Steaming Turd
A buddy of mine's blog. Its a bit strange but usually worth a look.
MadeofMeat's Journal
Another college buddy of mine's blog.
Another blog from a Grad Student from the same lab I finished my PhD in.
A blog that I follow, never met him in person but I like the way he thinks.
Day by Day by Chris Muir
My favorite online cartoon, Sam reminds me of GFWTR.

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