The Over-Engineered DM Screen
This is a picture of the table we play D&D at. Notice the GM_screen at far end. Click on any pictures for a larger picture.
This is what happens when four of the six people that play are engineers. We end up with a very over-engineered GM_screen. Its made with 1/8 in. aluminum plate with steel piano style hinges and a lexan recessed box for hidden rolls.
This is the view from behind the GM_screen. Notice the clips holding his quick reference charts and important player character data. Also notice the really neat feature of the GM_screen, a recessed box for hidden rolls.
A view from the other side.
The main feature of the over-engineered GM_screen is the recessed box for hidden rolls. The players did not like the DM getting to make all our hidden rolls (for saves and searches, etc) so we made the box so the player could make the roll but only the DM would see the result. You simply roll the dice through the front of the GM_screen (through the box opening), and then dice come to rest in the box behind the screen.
The DM's view of the Dice Rolling Box. The Lexan sides allow the DM to easily view the dice. After the roll is made, the DM simply returns the dice by dropping them over the GM_screen to the box of dice on the player side.

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