22LR guns I own.
Here is my first gun. A Ruger 10/22 sporter. The gun turned twenty this past 2001 chrismas. It was a gift from my father when I was almost 10. A few years later I put the Tasco 3-9X32 scope mounted with see through scope mounts on a Weaver scope base. Also pictured here is my folding stock the few magazine I have. A 30 round banana, a 50 round banana, 50 round drum and two factory magazines. This gun has aways performed well and has been through alot with me in the last twenty years.

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I have had this Ruger Mark two for about fifteen years. It also has served me well and has been carried with me when evey it was leagal to while hunting and camping.

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My my most recent finished restored 22LR. Its an old beat up Winchester Model 67 single shot bolt action. If you click on the thumbnail to the right is will take you to the page were I tell you all about this neat little rifle
My newest 22LR is an old Winchester Model 1906 slide action 22. It was made in 1916 and nearly all the parts are original, missing only the original screws from the forearm, slide arm cover screw, the rear sight elevation ajustment, and the inner magazine tube had to be replaced but the knurled end, spring and follower are orginial. If you click on the pictures to the right you will get a composite picture of the gun in it's purchased condition and after it was refinished. The rifle was mechanicaly pretty good for being 86 years old but the bore was pitted very badly. I had a local gunsmith reline the barrel, detail the action and reblued all the metal. I refinsh the wood myself. I am really looking foward to getting this gun to the range and see how it shoots.


22 LR cut away views

CCI Stinger
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CCI Velocitor
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CCI Mini-Mag Solid
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These are my all time favorite hunting round. It rough to beat the hard hitting power of the Stinger.
This was my only box of Velocitors. I have manage to get two more. I think they would be a great groundhog round. Especially since they should hold more energy further down range due to being full 40gr.

Check this out it a Velocitor target I scaned in. The image is a bit big about 350K click here to see. You could also right click here and download a PDF version

My Velocitor hat finally came. Click on the thumbnail below for a better veiw with pictures of the side and back.
CCI Mini-Mag Good reliable bullet that always cycles smooth through my 10/22. My refinished Winchester Model 67 Single Shot loves these little bullets. In that rifle the firing pin makes as much noise as the bullet leaving the barrel. Many chipmunk have be dispatch by this quiet little bullet.

Federal Hyper Velocity
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Remington Golden Bullet
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Remington Subsonic
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Hyper velocity, Stinger, Velocitor
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I tried a box or two of these. They're not Stingers but at nearly half the price they are a decent alternative. I dispatch a opossum at 70 yards with one of these. The one nice thing is they have almost as much muzzle energy as a Stinger but the case is a standard lenght not the extra long case of the Stinger. Great cheap plinking ammo. The Remington Golden Bullet's bullet seems to be the most uniform of the inexpesive ammo. Even though bulk packed the bullet are uniform and the hollow points rarely are plug up with lubricant. My only problem with them is their priming is not the most reliable. I usually get two or three duds or rounds need a second hit in each box. I also get a few light loads in a box of them. Still good plinking round. If you need to be quiet but hit harder then the CB long then try Remington Subsonic. They have enough umphhh to cycle a semi-auto and are almost as quite as the CB if fired in a rifle. The only draw back is they are filthy. My guns are very dirty after shooting these. A quick little picture comparing the three hyper velocity rounds I had.
I grabbed two of every thing that was in my gun cabinet and pulled the bullets. It was heart wrenching to cut open two of my precious Velocitors. I now only have 33 left and I have not been able find them anywhere here in North East Ohio. A friend gave me this box he got in souther Ohio and I have shot 15 round to figure out if my 10/22 shot them well (It like them). I was saving the rest for some groundhog hunting later this summer. I guess I will have to break down and order some online. Splitting the non-jacketed 22 LR did not work as well as the 22WMR I did earlier. Without the copper jacket I tended to mash the bullets a little (look at that poor Stinger). I forgot to actually take a picture of the bottoms but all the 22 LR, despite what brand, had a concave depression an the back end. Is this to help seal the round in the barrel or to some how stabalize the bullet in flight?
I took all the bullets I pulled and lined them up next to each other heavy to light. The line up goes as follows:
1) 22WRM Winchester 40gr JHP (gray box)
2) 22LR CCI Velocitor 40gr HP
3) 22LR CCI Mini-Mag 40gr Solid
4) 22LR Remington Golden Bullet 38gr HP
5) 22LR Remington Subsonic 38gr HP
6) 22WRM Reminton Premier V-Max 33gr V-Max
7) 22LR CCI Stinger 32gr HP
8) 22LR Federal Hyper Velocity 31gr HP
9) 22WRM CCI Maxi-Mag +V 30gr JHP
10) 22L CCI CB Long 29gr Solid
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